About Us

Little Icon India is a platform where kids get an opportunity to walk the ramp at a full-format international level fashion show where A-lister celebrities and fashion designers/brands participate.

Junior Icon India
3 yrs to 5 Yrs

Little Icon India
6 yrs to 10 yrs

Teen Icon India
11 yrs to 17 yrs

Rioproduction Associated with Keeto & Child Help Foundation has extended its thematic areas of intervention by supporting child health, education, holistic growth and career guidance, orphanages & hostels. Children, their families and the society they live in become the target group for CHF’s activities as education cannot be imparted in isolation. Nothing else, but education and empowering of the younger generation alone can guarantee a change in the society. RIO believes that regular dialogue with the society is the only way to bring about a change in its overall attitude and philosophy. Frequent engagement of various corporate, trusts and organizations in these aspects, is the path to be treading on. Suggestions, innovative and result oriented service plans, out of the box solutions for major societal inadequacies, is sure to attract their attention.

Along with the expansion and strengthening of existing programmes and initiatives, RIO focuses also on bringing innovations in its programmes through constant research, adoption implementation. Our Vision is, to reach the maximum needy, to be in reach of all the needy, be the most sought for recognized and admired organisation supporting the overall development of underprivileged children

To be an equal opportunity provider for the upliftment of the underprivileged children by providing them timely education, shelter, food & care. To be known as an organisation with an innovative and robust approach, towards the upliftment of the needy and neglected children. To be abreast with rhyme and time in order to empower the underprivileged children and assist them to lead a dignified life.