Kids Exposure

Do u think that your kid is a star making

If yes then you have landed at the right place. Little and Teen Icon India aims at giving your kids the right platform to exhibit their talent and spark.

LITTLE ICON INDIA > Will be Held for Three Age Group 3-5 yrs, they will compete for Junior Icon India, the Second age Group 6-10yrs, they will compete for Little Icon India and the Third age Group 11-17yrs, they will compete for Teen icon India

Exposure and benefits for kids

  • Kids will get opportunities to enter Music Album songs & short Movies
  • Kids will get opportunity to feature in films under Rio Production film Banner
  • Kids will be getting a professional full expenses paid portfolio shoot with a renowned celebrity photographer Commercial Theme Photo shoot
  • Kids Brand Ambassador of Little Icon India
  • Loaded with designer, Brands, Grooming personalities associating with Rioproduction
  • All the branding and promotions of the contestants will be in all the social Media.
  • We will help the kids to reach the target Audience showcased
  • We will give the winners proper Media coverage and their interview will be published across media platform etc,
  • The finalist will also be getting a customized Calendar shoot,
  • One Lucky Winner will get opportunity go for Goa Holiday Vacation
  • There will be a award for your children with Sash & Memento on stage
  • Grooming sessions on every Saturday & Sunday.
  • We teach walking posing styling body language how to speak, how to present them on stage or in front of camera. It will be very useful to them to act in tv ads films and all.
  • We coordinate your kids for Tv/print ads/films/ Serials. Shoots shows and all..
  • Participants will get a certificate of appreciation